Tales of the Shadowmen 2

6x9 tpb: 300 pages
Editeur: Black Coat Press
Langue: Anglais
ISBN-10: 1-932983-60-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-932983-60-9

Matthew Baugh: Ex Calce Liberatus starring Arsène Lupin, Kogoro Akechi.
Bill Cunningham: Trauma starring Fantômas, The Gren Hornet, Maigret.
Win Eckert: The Eye of Oran starring Doc Ardan, Fu Manchu.
G.L. Gick: The Werewolf of Rutherford Grange starring Harry Dickson, Sâr Dubnotal.
Rick Lai: Dr. Cerral's Patient starring Victor Chupin.
Serge Lehman & Fernando Calvi: The Mystery of the Yellow Renault starring Rouletabille - The Melons of Trafalmadore starring Doctor Omega.
Jean-Marc Lofficier & Fernando Calvi: Arsène Lupin's Christmas starring Arsène Lupin - Figaro's Children starring The Phantom of the Opera - The Tarot of Fantômas starring Fantômas - The Star Prince starring Doc Ardan, The Little Prince - Marguerite starring The Nyctalope - Lost and Found starring Judex.
Xavier Mauméjean: Be Seeing You! starring Arsène Lupin, The Prisoner, Sherlock Holmes.
Sylvie Miller & Philippe Ward: The Vanishing Diamonds starring the Invisible Man, the Time Traveller, the Three Musketeers.
Jess Nevins: A Jest, To Pass The Time starring Arsène Lupin, Belphégor, Fantômas, Zenith the Albino.
Kim Newman: Angels of Music starring Irene Adler, Josephine Balsamo, The Phantom of the Opera, Trilby.
John Peel: The Incomplete Assassin starring Michel Strogoff, Rouletabille.
Chris Roberson: Annus Mirabilis starring Albert Einstein, Dr. Omega.
Jean-Louis Trudel: Legacies starring Arsène Lupin, Lady Diana Wyndham.
Brian Stableford: The Grey Men (first part of The Empire Of The Necromancers) starring John Devil, Gregory Temple.

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