The Song of Montségur

5x8 tpb: 252 pages
Editeur: Black Coat Press (????)
Langue: Anglais
ISBN-13: 978-1-935558-56-9

adapted by Brian Stableford

The two gigantic clawed hands came down on the priest's head with sledgehammer force. The Drac let out raucous cries as it struck with ever-increasing force. It dug its claws into his flesh, shredding his muscles and breaking his bones. Brother Bruno did not even have time to howl, nor to pray.

A team of spelunkers is found dead in mysterious circumstances in the shadow of the once-proud Cathar redoubt of Montségur, in Southern France. What mysterious treasure were they seeking--and did they find it? A ruthless battle over long-buried secrets is going to pit the Roman Catholic Church against an ancient secret society and descendents of the Nazis who once looked for the Holy Grail in Montségur, with the very future of Humanity at stake...

Song of Montségur